About the National Board

  • Chewa Niara Bashira (CNB) La Oficina Nacional de Malika Kambe Umfazi Sorority Inc. is the National Board of our sorority. CNB was established on January 1, 1999. The original Queen
    Executive Officers of the national board were:
    Malika Asha Folashade
    Imakhu Malika Zakiyah Yaosca
    *Malika Njemile Adesimbo
    *Malika Serwa Akilah 
    *denotes a Queen Mother of MKU Sorority, Inc.
    The translation of the title of the national board is strong tribe with a high purpose who are predictors of good news." It is the duty of CNB to keep MKU Sorority, Inc. collectively focused on organizational business in direct relation to serving the needs of our brothers and sisters in local communities and the Afrikan Diaspora. CNB reaffirms the principles of Mahatma, Kinship and Utilitarianism by carrying out vital activities and implementing sorority policies. Moreover, Chewa Niara Bashira works diligently to foster national partnerships and affiliations between MKU and other organizations. CNB is also instrumental in providing leadership development opportunities for our members.
    Present Queen Executive Officers of Chewa Niara Bashira-
    La Oficina Nacional de MKU Sorority Inc.
     *Malika Shani Isoke, National President
    Malika Mukarama Akanke, National Vice President
    Malika Asha Folashade, National Treasurer
    *Malika Aziza Omolara, National Secretary
    *denotes a Queen Mother of MKU Sorority, Inc.
    Current National Initiatives


    • Malika Mondays (MM): The Malika Mondays monthly conference call series is designed to keep membership informed and aware of the activities of CNB, active Queendoms and our members. During the conference call, members are encouraged to ask questions and share "Good News" at the appropriate times in order to foster our bonds of kinship and sisterhood. Members of CNB are available and present on these calls in order to answer questions about sorority policies and national initiatives.


    • Professional and Personal Development (PPD): The Professional and Personal Development series is designed to help promote continual learning, reflection and growth within MKU's membership. We recognize that career development and education does not and should not end with formal enrollment in school. As such, it is our duty to continue to learn as much as we can in order to continue being resources for ourselves, our sisters, our families and our communities. PPD activities take place as scheduled via teleconference and at annual business conferences.


    • Annual Business Conference: Our Annual Business Conference is an opportunity for all active members of MKU in conjunction with CNB to come together to develop national, sorority-wide policies and procedures. At these annual meetings members also have the opportunity to network with each other and volunteer for  leadership development opportunities through committee participation. Annual Business Conferences in the past have been hosted in Buffalo, NY, Washington, DC, Baltimore, MD and New York City. Annual Business Conferences also include a community-wide event and an interfaith session meant to foster the spiritual development of our members.


    • Malika Retreat/Reunions: Our retreats and reunions are fun! These events serve as an opportunity for active members to reflect on their Rites of Passage process, reaffirm their commitment to MKU, and fellowship with other sisters. Retreats and reunions may include spa treatments, yoga class, sing-a-longs and other activities meant to encourage the bonds of sisterhood and remind us of the beauty and joy of being together.


    • Escuela Sin Paredes (School Without Walls) Newsletter: The purpose of this publication is to keep community members abreast of important issues in the Afrikan/Latino diaspora on a monthly basis. It also includes event announcements as well as information from our national philanthropies and partner organizations.


    • UmojaZine!: The purpose of this publication is to foster unity amongst the members of MKU Sorority, Inc. and to keep them abreast of Queendom-level and national initiatives. Published quarterly, the UmojaZine! reflects the interests of our membership and contains useful information pursuant to our philanthropies, partnerships and affiliations as well. 


    In addition to the above initiatives, CNB establishes MKU's official National Reading List, National Film List, and Networking Directory. These efforts are intended to foster the education of our members, support our programming efforts and encourage collaboration with affinity organizations.



     The Queen Executive Officers of Chewa Niara Bashira are also responsible for providing appropriate training for members and Queendoms who wish to enact a Rites of Passage process in their area. Additionally, CNB is instrumental in maintaining the continuity of all MKU documents and publications.