Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Thank you for your interest in Malika Kambe Umfazi (MKU) Sorority, Inc.

    MKU is an organization of collegiate, graduate, alumnae and professional women who are dedicated to cultivating sisterhood while advocating academic and personal achievement, fostering cultural pride and encouraging spiritual growth. We are a sisterhood of leaders who are committed to community building, education, philanthropy and service. As a result of the high volume of inquiries that we receive about MKU, we have provided a list of Frequently Asked Questions in the hope that we may answer many of your questions here. If you have further questions, we encourage you to reach out to us via our "Contact Us" page.

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  • Q: My daughter has told me she wants to join this sorority. Can’t she receive the same benefits through participation in a student organization or other activity?
    A: MKU supports students being involved in campus organizations and community activities. Sorority membership can confer many additional benefits including lifelong friendships, extensive opportunities for leadership development beyond college life and the opportunity to join with others in service. Moreover, membership in MKU provides numerous personal and professional development opportunities for our sisters at all levels of membership. The leadership and professional skills that are fostered in a sorority setting are often coveted by graduate schools and employers. Additionally, the emphasis on high achievement and academic excellence that membership MKU Sorority, Inc. provides has had a lasting impact on many of our sisters.
    Q: Do you have any helpful hints for me/us as the parent(s) of a daughter interested in membership in MKU Sorority, Inc.?
    A: If your daughter has expressed an interest in joining MKU Sorority, Inc. we encourage you to read this list of frequently asked questions and to peruse the remainder of the website to earn about what we stand for. You are also welcome to attend a program, community service event or Open House to learn about what we do. We encourage you to speak with your daughter at length about why she wants to join the sorority and to offer her your support for her endeavors.
    Q: How much will joining/membership in MKU Sorority, Inc. cost me/my daughter?
    A: While specific amounts for joining cannot be disclosed here, it should be stated that the costs associated with joining are comparatively low when looking at other sororities. Details concerning costs related to joining the sisterhood are disclosed early on to applicants during the preliminary phase with appropriate timelines established for payment. Annually, members are required to pay dues as a part of remaining active in the sisterhood.
    Q: What will be the impact of sorority membership on my/ my daughter’s academic life?
    A: While one’s academic achievement is ultimately a matter of personal commitment and discipline, membership in MKU has had a profoundly positive impact on the academic lives of our sisters. Many of our sisters find a rise in their GPA after joining the sisterhood due to the emphasis we place on academics. Also, many of our sisters have been encouraged to pursue higher levels of education as a result of the confidence, knowledge and skills they have developed as a result of sorority membership. It should also be noted that our Rites of Passage (R.O.P.) has an academic achievement and education component built into it for the benefit of our applicants.
    Q: How long does MKU's Rites of Passage (R.O.P.) take?
    A: MKU’s Rites of Passage process is designed for our initiates to develop personally, professionally, spiritually and physically. Initiates will learn intimate information about the history of MKU and our internal procedures in addition to learning about the histories of Afrikan/Latino people. The process should be seen as a growth and development opportunity and as such, it can last as long as it takes the applicants to complete certain goals and taks. Each R.O.P. is overseen by the National Board and is tailored to the women participating in the process. The minimum length of time to complete the R.O.P. is 6 weeks and 4 days.
    Q: Many organizations say they don’t haze, but it turns out that they do! What is MKU Sorority, Inc.’s stance on hazing?
    A: Hazing is defined as any action taken or situation created intentionally to produce mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment, or ridicule. Malika Kambe Umfazi Sorority, Inc. does not sanction any activity that constitutes hazing. Our organization believes that such activities undermine the values, principles and aims of our sisterhood and do not contribute to the building of strong bonds amongst members. Our goal is to uplift all women who come through our doors—as such, hazing has no place in our organization. Please visit the applicable applicant information section to review our anti-hazing statement.
    Q: Why are there some things sorority members can’t talk about? What’s the big secret?
    A: Historically, fraternities and sororities have internal practices that are meant to explain, encourage and demonstrate the principles of the organization to its members. At their best, these practices, often called “rituals,” are meant to inspire the members of the group to live out the good values and high ideals of the organization. As a result, these practices are held in confidence by the members and those going through the process to join the organization. While the word “ritual” can have many connotations, please not that none of MKU’s internal practices are intended to infringe on the religious or moral values that an applicant or member maintains.
    Q: Is there another way to join MKU Sorority, Inc. without going through the Rites of Passage (R.O.P.?)
    A: No. All undergraduate and graduate/alumnae/professional applicants must successfully complete the Rites of Passage (R.O.P.) in order to be invited to become a full member of MKU Sorority, Inc.
    Q: I attend a school without an established Queendom (chapter) of MKU Sorority, Inc. Can I join a chapter at a neighboring university?
    A: This may be possible on a case-by-case basis. Please contact Chewa Niara Bashira, the National Board of MKU here.
    Q: I am a registered undergraduate student at a school where there isn’t an MKU Sorority, Inc. Queendom (chapter.) Can I start a new chapter?
    A: MKU Sorority, Inc. is actively pursuing expansion to ensure the growth of our sisterhood's membership and to extend our reach across the nation and the globe. Please visit our "Membership Expansion" section for more information and to download the Membership Expansion Information Packet.
    Q: I am interested in MKU’s upcoming regional expansion project. When should I submit the online inquiry form?
    A: Thank you for your interest in MKU Sorority, Inc. Any woman interested in membership may submit the inquiry form as soon as they are ready to provide the answers to the required questions. The inquiry forms assist us and you as an interest to be certain that as a potential applicant, you meet MKU’s minimum requirements for membership. Upon completing the form you will receive a response, which may include a phone call from a member of MKU’s national office. The follow up correspondence will provide you with information on the next steps to take and an opportunity to ask questions.
    Q: I am a student at/graduate of a trade or vocational school. Can I become a member of MKU Sorority, Inc.?
    A: Per MKU’s membership requirements a student or graduate of a trade or vocational school would have to meet MKU’s professional membership requirements in order to apply. Please review the graduate/professional section of our Applicant Information page for more details.
    Q: Is there an age limit to join MKU Sorority, Inc.?
    A: There is NO age limit to join MKU Sorority, Inc. There is only a minimum age requirement to meet our professional membership requirements, however. Please review the graduate/professional section of our Applicant Information page for more details.
    Q: I graduated from college a number of years ago. Will my transcript be needed to apply for membership at the graduate/alumnae/professional level?
    A: No. MKU does require proof of an attained degree, however the transcript will not be required.
    Q: How much time does being an active member of MKU Sorority, Inc. take up?
    A: Being a member of sorority is a lot of work and should be a lifetime commitment. We always encourage all women interested in joining a sorority to consider whether the organization is in line with their personal goals and objectives. Joining an organization that is in tune with your way of life will allow you to create the space to give of your time, talents and gifts to further the organization's goals. Active membership in MKU is a lifelong process and thus at certain stages in a member's life, their level of activity may vary. ALL members do have annual requirements for participation and activity that must be upheld in order to remain active in the organization. Generally the time commitment is contingent on how much involvement a member chooses to have in MKU at any given time beyond those requirements.
    Q: Does being a member of MKU Sorority, Inc. have benefits after a member completes her undergraduate studies?
    A: Absolutely! The first benefit is a lifetime of sisterly love from like-minded women who are working toward a common goal. MKU provides our members with many opportunities to network with each other and the community at large in various fields. At the national and regional level there are retreats, business conferences, personal and professional leadership development opportunities and more!
    Q: Should alcohol be a concern if I decide to join MKU Sorority, Inc.?
    A: No. MKU does not promote or condone the consumption of alcohol at any of our programs or events. Additionally, alcoholic beverages are never present at any of our membership-related activities, during our Rites of Passage (R.O.P.) or at any of our community programs.
    Q: Does MKU Sorority, Inc. have probate/ “coming out” shows?
    A: In the true tradition of Afrikan centered Rites of Passage processes, MKU Sorority Inc. hosts a New Member Presentation Ceremony (N.M.P.C.) for family, friends and supporters. The event is by invitation only. During this time we present our new sisters to the community which must hold them accountable for the work they have promised to do as members of MKU. We do not "probate" or have “coming out” shows.
    Q: I do not consider myself a woman of Afrikan/Latino heritage. Can I still join MKU Sorority, Inc.?
    A: Malika Kambe Umfazi Sorority, Inc. upholds a standard of no arbitrary exclusion from membership based on race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation or disability. Our members are women who embrace the sorority’s purpose, principles and objectives as a lifetime commitment. To learn more about our sorority and what we stand for, please visit the "About MKU" section and the related links for more details.
    Q: Does MKU Sorority, Inc. have a "brother" fraternity?
    A: No, we do not formally have a "brother" fraternity. MKU, Sorority, Inc. has been an independent organization since 1995 and as such, we are not constitutionally bound to any other fraternal organization. Notably, MKU was also never an "auxiliary" or "sweetheart" group to another organization.
    Q: Does MKU Sorority, Inc. have “honorary” members?
    A: Yes. Our honorary members, the Honorary Mothers of KA, are women who have left a positive and lasting impression on their communities. Honorary members have lived in a way that exemplifies the principles of MKU and have been conferred affiliation with our sisterhood. Please note that honorary members are selected and as such, one cannot apply for this status.
    Q: Does MKU Sorority, Inc. have any "auxiliary" organizations?
    A: No, MKU does not have any auxiliary organizations for adults or youth. We are in the process of developing our youth mentoring program but this should NOT be confused with the growth of “junior sororities,” “youth auxiliaries” or similar groups.
    Q: My question hasn't been answered here. Who can I contact for more information?
    A: Be sure to peruse the rest of this website to learn more about MKU. If you still have questions, we encourage you to contact Chewa Niara Bashira, the National Board of MKU Sorority, Inc. via our "Contact Us" page. We look forward to hearing from you!