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     Nsini and Wendy      

    Membership in Malika Kambe Umfazi Sorority, Inc. is a wonderful and unique opportunity to grow academically, personally and professionally. Being a Malika gives a woman the chance to cultivate sisterhood while deepening her sense of cultural pride and spiritual development. Most importantly, our members learn more about themselves while getting to know the rewards that working with others toward a shared goal can bring.


     Joining MKU is about accepting the responsibility that comes with true sisterhood. Our sisters are expected to continue their personal development and to work together beyond the initial member education process. Being a Malika means that a woman is commimtted to actively furthering the sorority's purpose, principles and objectives for a lifetime, in her home and in the community. Our members have accepted the challenge of exemplifying these ideals at all times. MKU Sorority, Inc. offers the choice to accept not only the benefits of membership, but the many gifts that learning and growing in sisterhood can bring to our lives.

    Rites of Passage

    The Rites of Passage (R.O.P.) is the new member education and initiation process of Malika Kambe Umfazi Sorority, Inc. R.O.P. encourages accepted candidates towards cultural awareness and personal development while acquainting them with the procedures of our sorority. It is a rigorous process focused on each initiate learning, understanding and internalizing information about our history in the hope that she will reach her full potential and move forward as a positive influence on her community. All accepted candidates must undergo and complete the R.O.P. in order to become a member of MKU Sorority, Inc.


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