Quick Facts

  •  Our Name: The name of our sisterhood is derived from two languages—Swahili and Zulu. “Malika” comes from the Swahili language and means “queen”. “Kambe” and “Umfazi” both come from the Zulu language and mean “naturally” and “woman” respectively. The meaning of our name is interpreted from right to left and is translated as

    Woman is Naturally Queen.”

     Sister Queens 

  • Our Motto:SANKOFA is the motto of Malika Kambe Umfazi. It is translated from the Akan language, “se wo were fi na wo SANKOFA ayenkyi” which means “it is not taboo to go back and fetch what you forgot."



    Halima Teaching




  • Official Birthdate:

    June 16, 1995

    Venue of Origin:

    State University of New York at Buffalo


    Date of Incorporation:

    September 6, 1996


    Venue of Incorporation:

    State of New York


    Genre of Sorority:

    Service & Afrikan/Latino Cultural Interest


    National Philanthropies:

    American Diabetes Association, Lupus Foundation of America, and MADRE, Inc.

  • Sorority Colors:

    Black, Orange and Gold


    Sorority Flower:

    Bird of Paradise


    Sorority Jewels:

     Obsidian, Amber and Tiger-Eye  


    Official Symbol:

    The Shield


    Official Logo:

    The Sankofa Bird


    Official Sorority Newsletter:



    Official Community Newsletter:

    Escuela Sin Paredes (School Without Walls)

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