Objectives, Principles & Foci


    As members of Malika Kambe Umfazi Sorority, Inc. we are committed to fulfilling our organizational objectives. We meet this goal through our many programming, service, community building and philanthropic initiatives.

    The objectives of MKU Sorority, Inc. are:

     To orient women of Afrikan/Latino descent on the history, culture and contributions of the continent of Afrika and Latin America to current world development


      To foster and present programs on issues affecting women of color
     To emphasize, promote and maintain community service in the Afrikan and Latino communities
     To foster unity by networking with other organizations, on the campuses of educational institutions and in the community
     To develop and further programs and policies that promote academic, philanthropic, social, spiritual and cultural growth


    Our  principles of  guide our endeavors within our sisterhood and in the larger community. Additionally, members of our sisterhood work together to exemplify the meaning of these ideals in their personal and professional lives. 

    The principles of MKU Sorority, Inc. are:

     Mahatma: A person revered for high-mindedness

    Kinship: Relationships existing because of cultural and background likeness

    Utilitarianism: Emphasizing usefulness above beauty and materialism; doing the greatest amount of good for the highest amount of people.






    MKU is committed to working toward educational programming, community building efforts and our philanthropic goals in the following areas in order to improve the status of our community across the globe.


    The programmatic foci of MKU Sorority, Inc. are:




    Economic Empowerment

    Career Development 


    MKU Bags


     Malika Kambe Umfazi Sorority Inc. is willing to work with other fraternities, sororities, campus organizations and community groups to foster progress, growth and development in our communities. For partnership, networking and programming opportunities, please click here to contact us.